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 No ammonia & No formalin 


- One step process, no need of neutralizer

- Superior conditioning effect

- Minimal hair damage and less irritation

- Natural & healthy-looking straight result

- Long lasting straightening effect  


[Special Features]


2 different formulas depending on the hair conditions

  1) For strong hair: suitable for healthy, resistant and thick hair

    Appropriate to virgin hair, naturally resistant hair, strongly curly hair, thick and unruly hair.

  2) For damaged hair: suitable for damaged hair or naturally weak virgin hair

    Appropriate to frizzy, curly and damaged hair such as hair with coloring, permanent wave,

straightening or other chemical treatment.

No neutralizer needed

     Since this product does not need neutralizer, the straightening process is short and simple.

High concentration of henna extracts

     The advanced formula enriched with henna extracts leaves your hair healthy and elastic after 


Superior conditioning effect

     The formulation enriched with natural olive oil and marine collagen minimizes hair damage and 

     maintains hair silky and soft even after straightening.

A great quantity of cationic detergent accelerates the penetration and effect of cream.



[How to use]

* Preparation : Lightly shampoo the hair and towel-dry about 70%, choose the suitable formula depending

  on the hair condition.

* Application : Section the hair into at least 4 parts then apply the straightening cream with a brush evenly

  and quickly, strand by strand, starting from the nape of the neck and working towards the front.

* Waiting Time : After applying, leave the hair at room temperature according to the time table listed

  direction. The waiting time can vary depending on the structure of the hair.

* Rinsing : After waiting time, as soon as hair is relaxed, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water until water

  runs clear and towel-dry gently. Apply the enclosed Richenna Normalizing Conditioner evenly to whole

  hair with a brush. Leave on for 5 minutes at room temperature and then rinse hair again thoroughly with 

  lukewarm water until water runs clear and towel-dry.

*  Fixation :

 - When use a flat iron : Blow-dry the hair with hot air until 80% is dry and end up the drying with cold air. 

   Press and straight the hair with a flat iron.

 - When do not wish to use a flat iron : Blow-dry the hair with hot air until 70% is dry.

Straight hair with a roll brush and blow dryer.





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